Imagine the buildings you can create using FOAMGLAS® insulation with a pre-applied coating that can be painted. Consider the wide range of new possibilities that open up with this 100% incombustible, A1 solution. Our FOAMGLAS® SKYPEARLS offers you a fire-safe solution, while still allowing complete freedom of design. 

In addition to those major advantages, SKYPEARLS is weatherproof meaning that there is no need to apply any additional layers on the jobsite, as well as easy to install.


  • Total incombustible A1 solution: fire safety for people and building
  • Weather proof: resistant to outdoor climate with freeze thaw conditions = no need for additional protective layers on the jobsite
  • Architectural freedom: endless aesthetical and creative possibilities
  • Ease of installation: no additional layers needed on the jobsite and no different installation compared with our other FOAMGLAS slabs

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Offers all other exceptional properties of FOAMGLAS® products:

1. Time tested thermal performance
2. Waterproof and vapour-tight
3. High compressive strength
4. Ecological 
5. Vermin proof
6. Dimensionally stable

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