Production / Fabrication

FOAMGLAS® is manufactured primarily from recycled glass and natural raw materials with almost limitless resources.



First, from the fusion of recycled glass, sand, dolomite, lime, iron oxide etc. a glass with precisely defined properties is obtained. Then, the glass is ground, mixed with a small amount of carbon and put in high-grade steel moulds. The moulds then pass through a furnace where the glass foam powder is expanded.


This is how a material structure with thin glass air cells emerges, which are retained in a controlled cooling process. Due to the cell structure, millions of the smallest possible hermetically sealed glass cells give the material extraordinary compressive strength, waterproofness and good insulation values.


Due to improvements in process engineering and in the energy supply (coming from hydro electric energy and wind turbines) significant progresses have been achieved in recent years regarding air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, consumption of energy and resources.