IBU Certificate


The Environmental Performance Declaration (EPD) was carried out in accordance with ISO EN14025 and provides the necessary data in order to carry out an environmental impact assessment. We have official declared values for the 5 key areas including GWP (Global Warming Potential) and ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential).


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Green Energy Certificate

Pittsburgh Corning Europe has a purchasing policy to ensure that all energy used in the manufacture of our products come from a re-newable source. This certificate shows our on-going commitment to this policy which will be underpinned by the installation of 2 wind turbines at our Tessenderlo Plant in 2014.





FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation products now with natureplus label

natureplus, an international organisation for the development of a culture of sustainability within the building sector, has selected cellular glass thermal insulation from Pittsburgh Corning Europe SA as a green building product and awarded the natureplus quality label. The handing over ceremony took place at BAU 2011 exhibition in Munich.


"Cellular glass thermal insulation by Pittsburgh Corning Europe SA ideally meets the quality requirements for a sustainable construction product", noted Uwe Welteke-Fabricius, president of natureplus e.V., when handing-in the certificate.


"We are very happy with this achievement award, that reco- gnizes that our products meet the most stringent European requirements regarding environmental and health protection. The natureplus quality label is based on a comprehensive and transparent investigation and test procedure. Thanks to its policy of independence, it is a valuable instrument for quality assurance and a big driver for the use of sustainable green products in Europe", said Willy Trittenbach, chairman of Pittsburgh Corning Europe.


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FOAMGLAS® is an insulation material composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells. It contains no organic nor inorganic binders.

FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation is 100 percent glass. Recycled glass, exclusively gained from defective windows from the car and construction industries, is used as raw material.  Continuous modernization of the manufacturing  infrastructures, optimized energy recuperation systems, and constant increases of the recycled material as a raw material have made it possible to reduce the energy consumption for the production of FOAMGLAS® cellular glass.


FOAMGLAS® is free from environmental damaging substances, such as CFC and HCFC. It is environmentally sound, not only in its production, but also in its use and in its eventual disposal.


Used FOAMGLAS® as loose fill material
FOAMGLAS® has an exceptional durability. After many years in service, both the physical and thermal properties of this material have proven to remain constant. Real payback, in physical and thermal performance, for many years, is what our customers have come to expect from the global FOAMGLAS® team.