Façade insulation systems

innovative and economical


Buildings with modern façade architecture must be protected against fire, wind and weather. In addition, legal requirements such as thermal and fire protection, and designs to avoid thermal bridges must be observed. To meet these high requirements a material with remarkable properties is needed. FOAMGLAS® offers technically safe solutions for façades and walls that guarantee lifetime protection of the structure. Safe planning, sustainable cost-effectiveness for construction and maintenance are the results.

The innovative FOAMGLAS® systems solve the thermal bridge problem convincingly. By installing the fastening level for the substructure and the cladding in front of the thermal layer - by means of pressed in claw plates - a structure with minimal thermal bridges is achieved. Putting the cladding directly on top of the insulating layer is possible and fulfils the building physics requirements. Full-surface and compact bonding of the insulation layer ensures complete air tightness. Ventilation spaces become unnecessary. This reduces the thickness of the construction layers, resulting in a substantial gain of space with concurrent high insulation performance. FOAMGLAS® is dimensionally stable. Sagging or warping of the insulation layer is ruled out.

FOAMGLAS® facade insulation systems are suitable for almost all types of cladding. As a result, there are hardly any limits to the choice of material and the freedom of design.